KINGFISHER – Alcedo Atthis

This morning, during our daily walk, we met, as often happens, the Kingfisher, perched on a branch of the bank opposite ours, in the Pionca Canal, near our friends’  home. Climbing up the embankment we were able to photograph it despite the distance. Some shadows in the photos are given by the grass that  was hiding us.


It was a female.

Shortly after our return home, we notice that (almost certainly the same female bird) was busily fishing in our pond.
Even though our Bleaks started to move less due to the lowering of the temperature, she still managed to get the meal.

The Kingfisher, one of the most beautiful birds in Italy and in Europe, has a splendid turquoise blue and brick red livery, measures about 15-17 cm. equipped with a short tail and a large head with a very pointed beak.

It flies quickly close to the water showing the bright blue of the back, lives in natural cavities or small holes dug in the banks of the rivers.

It is not easy to spot despite the flamboyant dress, it is usually a blur of blue color flying low over the water. Its flight is as quick as lightning.

It perches on a branch above the water with its beak pointed downwards and shakes its head and tail when it spots the prey: it then dives suddenly keeping its wings open, as well as its eyes which are protected by a third eyelid. It emerges from the water with the fish in its beak, then returns to the perch. The entire action takes place in less than two seconds.


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